Disco Dancer: Good - Functions similar to the Opera Singer but causes a Boombox effect instead of popping earthlings.

Piggy Bank: Neutral - Functions like Cupid but does not attack. Popping it will drop 5 to 10 bucks. Attracts other earthlings.

Burglar: Bad - Found in buildings. Causes damage and steals money. Partially transparent (like the Boogey Man) when running away.

Bodyguard: Good - Pay 2 bucks and he will actively block other earthlings from coming near you for a short while or at least try to.

Tormato: Bad - Red tornado that causes damage when it picks you up. LOL

Terrible Two's Toddler Twins: Bad - Does small damage and breaks a present. Always found in pairs.

Bodybuilder: Good - Pay 3 bucks. Take damage and receive a permanent random stat buff. Cannot be use more than once per bodybuilder. Must talk with an Ahnald accent.

Bloodmobile: Bad - Similar to Ice Cream Truck but drops money when it hits you.