In the original I used to play with a gamegenie and have cheat mode options that I really enjoyed.

It would be great to add some kind of cheat mode you could unlock or buy as a dlc.

My favorite cheats were:

1. Presents don't go away when used.

2. Share presents with team mates even when on different levels.

3. Infinite lives.

4. Moles can't see you.

5. Un-fall present always move you up one level.

6. All monsters are the same monster. (ie. All boogeymen or all wahinis, etc)

You can check the original game genie codes here:

This would make it easier for younger children which could be another market. It could make for interesting and fun speed runs. It also used to be a lot of fun to mess with your team mate by opening a school book while he was being chased by a dentist or use jet skates when he was sneaking up on Santa.